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Movie Sourcebook
"Stand By For Mars!"
Movie Sourcebook

The Absent Minded Professor

Director: Robert Stevenson
Stars: Fred McMurray, Tommy Kirk, Keenan Wynn, Nancy Olson, Elliot Reid
Release date : March 16, 1961


This data page, designed for researchers, is always under construction. It will feature - eventually - all books and other material that references this movie.

To be included in the bibliography, the book or magazine will contain at least one full paragraph on the movie in question. If material is included that for some reason does not meet that criteria, it will be so noted.

Author Title © Notes
Warren, Bill Keep Watching the Skies 1982, 1986 McFarland Classics
Two volume set
Weaver, Tom Earth vs the Sci-Fi FIlmmakers: 20 interviews by Tom Weaver 2005 McFarland
Interview with Elliot Reid

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