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Vol 1, Issue #5
"Stand By For Mars!"
May 2006

The Thunder Child Movies Sourcebook:

Them! (1954)

by Caroline Miniscule

The Them! sourcebook will collect into one spot all information that is known about this movie, from its genesis to its filming to its reception in movie theaters to its status in later years.

James Whitmore plays Ben Peterson, police officer. In every scene in which there are two or more people, he makes sure a viewer's eyes go to him. Watch how he does it.

Riding towards the car and trailer.

His partner is dead, his captain offers condolences.

His captain talking with the FBI man.

His captain talking with the FBI man.

Waiting for a plane.
Arness talking to a soldier.

The FBI man talking to Dr. Medford and daughter.
When Arness moves into the scene, Whitmore leans
foreward to make sure he's not obscured.

The two Medfords discussing the case.

Investigating the site of the disappearance of the Ellisons.

Riding in a helicopter, searching for signs of giant ants.

While Dr. Medford addresses the crowd
Ben takes a drag of his cigarette.

Making plans to enter the tunnels.

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