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Stills of the John Gielgud Centenary Gala

April 19, 2004
The Royal Academy of Dramatic Art, The Royal Shakespeare Company, and The Shakespeare Guild joined together for a gala at the Gielgud Theatre to commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of Sir's John Gielgud's birth.

BBC personality Ned Sherrin served as master of ceremonies for a cast to led by Judi Dench and Paul Scofield.

Among the other presenters for a program that featured vignettes, anecdotes, and tributes to the Gielgud legacy were Clive Francis, Peter Hall, David Hare, Rosemary Harris, Martin Jarvis, Barbara Jefford, Michael Pennington, Ian Richardson, and Donald Sinden.

Curtain call at the John Gielgud Centenary Gala
Please see the two photos below for names.

Donald Sinden, Ian Richardson, Barbara Leigh-Hunt, Judi Dench, Paul Scofield.

Rosemaary Harris, Barbara Jefford, Clive Francis, Michael Pennington.

The program

Clive also created the cover art for the program (or programme, as he prefers to spell it). ; )

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