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The Films of Conrad Veidt

1932         Der Schwarze Husar  
Rome Express  
Rasputin aka Rasputin, Daemon der Fauen, Rasputin and the Empress
FP1 antwortet nicht (FP1 Doesn’t Answer)

1933         The Wandering Jew
I Was a Spy

1934        Wilhelm Tell
                 Jew Suss
Bella Donna

1935        The Passing of the Third Floor Back
King of the Damned

1937        Under the Red Robe
Dark Journey

1938         Le Tempete sur L’Asie
Joueur d’echecs (The Chess Player)

1939        Alex
The Spy in Black

1940         Escape
                 The Thief of Baghdad

1941        A Woman’s Face
Whistling in the Dark
The Men in Her Life

1942        Nazi Agent
All Through the Night

1943        Above Suspicion


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Notes on Various Conrad Veidt Films

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