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Please read about Conrad Veidt, see his films, and enjoy! Those fluent in Spanish, French or English can all love and appreciate what a great person Conrad Veidt was."  The video below is a 6-minute homage to Conrad Veidt.  A Veidt fan uploaded it at Youtube and we share it here.   Please also see “Veidt Video Clips” for more interesting videos.


Conrad Veidt


On April 3, 1998, the ashes of Conrad and Lily Veidt were laid to rest at Golders Green, London, for ten years. Click           to read the article that appeared in the London Guardian.

An anonymous donor contributed enough money in 1999 to ensure that Connie and Lily Veidt will rest at Golders Green for the next 99 years.

Let’s fight for Veidt!

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The above photo is a rare publicity shot, ca 1919-22, signed by someone else and with the name misspelled - contributed by David K. Bowman, author of “Conrad Veidt: The Cinema's Master of the Shadows”.

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