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Review: The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion, by Peter S. Murano
review by Caroline Miniscule

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Over the past couple of years, all of the episodes of George Reeve's The Adventures of Superman have been released on DVD.

This is the perfect time, therefore, to also acquire a copy of Peter Murano's The George Reeves Adventures of Superman Companion. A somewhat unwieldy title, but the book is a must-have for any Superman fan.

This Companion has what every such book should have, an inexhaustible fount of material on the most esoteric of Adventures of Superman trivia:

  • ratings of each espisode on a ten-point scale
  • 5 trivia questions for each episode
  • flying sequences in each episode - stock or new?
  • super powers used in each episode
  • memorable lines in each episode
  • secret identity alerts
  • supporting cast notes for each episode
  • editorial comments on each episode

    Author Peter Murano has put together one of the most complete and informative television series companion books ever written. It's all here in 352 8X11 pages. And, it's all on heavy stock, glossy white paper so that the photos - b& w for the first seasons, all in color for the color seasons - really jump out at you. This high quality paper does bump up the price, to $39, but it's such a gorgeous looking volume, and will stand up to such heavy use, that it's well worth it.

    Murano's writing is much like that of Bill Warren in Keep Watching the Skies, it's very personal. Each episode is discussed - in detail - with comments about how he felt about each scene, his favorite lines, etc. And that's what makes this book so enjoyable - you get to compare his views to your own, and since he's provided his email and would love to hear from readers, you can get into a good discussion about your favorite episodes.

    As for myself, I have always liked the first season, which starred Phyllis Coates as Lois Lane, and which were a bit more adult and 'darker' in tone, although certainly several of the Noel Neill episodes are classics as well.

    If you're a fan of Superman in general, and George Reeve's characterization in particular, you will enjoy having this book. Show it to a few fans - if any - of Superman Returns and they'll realize how it should be done!

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  • Table of Contents
    Part 1
  • George Reeves, A Superman
  • The Cast of The Adventures of Superman
  • Guests and Familiar Faces

    Part 2
    Clark Kent, Reporter

  • Daily Planet office
  • Apartment
  • Cars
  • Assignments
  • Origin and purpose
  • Costume
  • Super Powers
  • Flying
  • Kryptonite

    Part 3
    The B&W episodes

  • 1951 - Episodes 1 - 26
  • 1953 - Episodes 27 - 52
    Part 4
    The Color Episodes
  • 1954: Episodes 53-65
  • 1955: Episodes 66-79
  • 1956: Episodes 80-91
  • 1957: Episides 92-104

    Part 5
    Author's Scrapbook

  • Nostalgia and collecting memorabilia
  • Artwork and kits
  • Buttons and puppets
  • Trading cards
  • Video releases
  • Lobby Cards
  • 8 X 10 photos
  • Why do we need a superhero
  • Comic books
  • Some Bizarro fun

    Part 6

  • Epilog

    Part 7

  • References and information sources

    Part 8

  • Episode list summary tables

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