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The Electric Church (2007)
Jeff Somers
Orbit Books
$11.04 via Amazon Review by Sarah L. Gerhardt

The Electric Church immediately intrigued me the moment I laid eyes on the cover art (by comic artist Jae Lee). I know, I know... you can?t judge a book by it?s cover... but it sure helps to sell your idea if done right and one can certainly not ask for a better artist to present this theme. The publishing company called the book a "Kill Bill meets Blade Runner"... and I thought, ok I?ll bite. My interest was more than piqued.

It would be more apt to call it a cypeberpunk/noir book. A combination in genres that makes my heart skip a beat. These are two of my favorites and when combined can make a deadly combo.

In his latest novel, Jeff Somers, weaves us a tale of a not-so-distant future. He brings us to a time when the economy is chaotic at best, poverty is widespread, the criminal element worldwide is radiating and a System of Federated Nations and their pervasive police force rule the world.

Avery Cates, our antihero, is a hired hand of sorts. One day Cates makes a fatal mistake on a job and gets the attention of the wrong folk, the cyborg monks of the Electric Church.

The Electric Church website
As a whole I really enjoyed this book. It was just the right mix of levity and darkness for my palate. It was action packed and filled with intrigue. It was certainly a great debut.

My only advice to Mr. Somers would be to ease back on the action next time. I quite enjoyed his descriptive writing and would really like to see more background story... everything doesn?t have to be solid action.

I am looking forward to reading Jeff?s next book and I would recommend The Electric Church to anyone who is a fan of the cyberpunk and noir genres.

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