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Gregory Frost

Review by Amy O'Connor

Leodora, a young shadow puppeteer, is forced to hide not only her identity but the very fact that she's female, as she travels the spans of Shadowbridge performing and perfecting her magical gift.

Following in the footsteps of a father she never met and running away from a violent past she doesn't fully understand, Leodora relies on her manager, Soter, to give her the guidance she needs. With no other friends, she feels alone and stranded until she encounters a young man who has been touched by a god. Diverus, enslaved as a young boy, was given extraordinary musical abilities that touch even the hardest of hearts. A mute and simpleton all of his life, perhaps the greatest gift he was given by the nameless god, was the gift of himself. No longer restricted by his disabilities, Diverus is able to experience emotions and communicate with others.

Immediately captured by Diverus's music, Leodora hires him as her musician and he is quickly incorporated into her performances. When the two perform together they create a beautiful magic and receive instant recognition and fame. Only Soter realizes the danger their talents are bringing and does everything he can to protect them while keeping safe the long-held secrets about the deaths of Leodora's parents and the dangers of her talent.

Shadowabridge is the first novel in a two-book series. The second book is entitled Lord Tophet and will be released in July of 2008.

Frost does an excellent job enticing the reader and keeping their interest and attention. Aside from the main story, the book is filled with short stories told by Leodora and others that give the reader a look into the myths and gods of the intriguing world of Shadowbridge. They are all brilliantly written and so descriptive that it was easy to imagine Leodora with her puppets telling the story.

That being said, it was obviously the first half of the series, and there were many pieces left unanswered and untouched. It certainly makes the reader want to finish the next book, however it also a little depressing and confusing with so many unanswered questions. Despite the abrupt ending, I would encourage everyone to read this book. Let yourself be drawn into the wonderful stories and magic of Shadowbridge.

Shadowbridge Series

  • Shadowbridge (2007)
  • Lord Tophet: A Shadowbridge Novel (2008)
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