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"Stand By For Mars!"
Music Reviews

Music Reviews by Amy O'Connor

Battlestar Galactica Season 3
Music Composed by Bear McCreary

Review by Amy O'Connor

After listening to this about five or six tracks of this CD I realized that there were two distinct types of pieces on the soundtrack. There is the tension building battle music and then the soothing lyrical music. While the battle pieces really did nothing to impress me, I was awed by the sweetness of the melodies and the depth at which the composer brought to life the varying combinations of instruments.

The wide range of ethnic instruments he uses brings out the science fiction aspect of the show, yet he almost achieves a Celtic feel to the lyrical pieces. I found that it was easy to identify with these pieces and be moved by the beautiful melodies and well executed dynamic changes.

While I did not particularly like the battle pieces, I do believe that if I was able to watch the scene with the music, I would have enjoyed it much more and it would have made a whole lot more sense. As I mentioned before, the composer did a great job building tension, and yet, there was no climax to the pieces. They were all extremely repetitive and each piece sounded very similar. I think the composer could have done a lot more to make each have its own distinct characteristics while retaining the overall feel he was out to achieve.

While some of the rhythms were interesting and catchy, he overdid them to the point that something that was once fun to listen to became something just annoying. He really needed to incorporate more aspects into the battle pieces. Differing rhythms, key changes, and varying instruments would have been good ways to keep the tension of the piece while at the same time keeping the attention and interest of the listener.

The tracks
1. A Distant Sadness - From "OCCUPATION" (2:50)
2. Precipice - From "Precipice" (4:52)
3. Admiral and Commander - From "Exodus, Parts I and II" (3:16)
4. Storming New Caprica - From "Exodus, Part II" (7:48)
5. Refugees Return - From "Exodus, Part II" (3:43)
6. Wayward Soldier - From "Hero" (4:17)
7. Violence and Variations - From "Unfinished Business" (7:42)
8. The Dance - From "Unfinished Business" (2:33)
9. Adama Falls - From "Unfinished Business" (1:43)
10. Under the Wing - From "Maelstrom" (1:16)
11. Battlestar Sonatica - From "Torn" (4:44) - Performed by Bear McCreary, piano
12. Fight Night - From "Unfinished Business" (2:27)
13. Kat's Sacrifice - From "The Passage" (2:46)
14. Someone to Trust - From "Taking a Break From All Your Worries" (3:09)
15. The Temple of Five - From "The Eye of Jupiter" (2:44)
16. Dirty Hands - From "Dirty Hands" (3:32)
17. Gentle Execution - From "Exodus, Part II" (3:28)
18. Mandala in the Clouds - From "Maelstrom" (4:07)
19. Deathbed and Maelstrom - From "Maelstrom" (5:53)
20. Heeding the Call - From "Crossroads, Part II" (2:11)

The Season 3 episodes of Battlestar Galactica (2006):

Episode 1: Occupation
Episode 2: Precipice
Episode 3: Exodus: Part 1
Episode 4: Exodus: Part 2
Episode 5: Collaborators
Episode 6: Torn
Episode 7: A Measure of Salvation
Episode 8: Hero
Episode 9: Unfinished Business
Episode 10: The Passage
Episode 11: The Eye of Jupiter
Episode 12: Rapture
Episode 13: Taking a Break from All Your Worries
Episode 14: The Woman King
Episode 15: A Day in the Life
Episode 16: Dirty Hands
Episode 17: Maelstrom
Episode 18: The Son Also Rises
Episode 19: Crossroads: Part 1
Episode 20: Crossroads: Part 2

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