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Volume #1, Issue #5
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May 2006

The Thunder Child
This Island Earth (1955)? Sourcebook

by Edogawa Ranpo

This Island Earth: Magazine Coverage

1) Magazine cover gallery:
When it comes to representation in genre magazines, This Island Earth seems to lead the pack when it comes to covers. Below are the covers of magazines in which This Island Earth either took up the entire cover, or at least had a photo.

Note that just because TIE rates the cover it does not necessarily follow that there will be a corresponding article within. There are also a few magazines which feature TIE interviews or articles that did not give it pride of place on the cover.

The Monster Times #9,

Science Fiction & Fantasy Film Classics #3, 1978

Starlog #15,
Aug 1978

Wonder #3,
1987 or 1988

Filmfax #33,
June/July 1992

Midnight Marquee #51,
quarterly 1996

Filmfax #59,
Feb/Mar 1997

Filmfax, combined with Outre, #101, 2004

2) Magazine interviews:

Faith Domergue:
I Was A Monster Movie Maker, interviews by Tom Weaver

Jeff Morrow:
They Fought in the Creature Features, interviews by Tom Weaver

Robert Nichols:
Eye on Science Fiction interviews by Tom Weaver

Rex Reason:
They Fought in the Creature Features interviews by Tom Weaver
Astoundng B Monster, interview by Marty Baumann. This Island Earth is mentioned briefly, but is not discussed in detail.

(Note: Tom Weaver has interviewed hundreds of genre stars for magazines such as Starlog and Video Watchdog. The interviews are then collected into books published by McFarland.

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