Brian Baker was born in Warminster, Pennsyvania in 1969.

He started his acting career early - at the age of eleven, with an organization called Cinekyd, in which youngsters wrote the scripts and filmed their own movies.

According to executive director Bob Clark: ''Brian was an active part of our organization for many years, appearing in several productions ... and distinguishing himself as a talented still photographer. He was (and is) an exceptionally fine young man.'' Baker had a starring role in their film Whiplash, made in 1980.

Brian graduated from William Tennent High (Class of 1985), and went on to Penn State University where he earned a degree in marketing. He then went to Chicago to pick up his acting career.

Baker studied at Second City in Chicago (''I begged them to give me an audition!''), worked as a stand-up comic, and in the company of the Seanachai Theatre. To make ends meet he waited tables at John's Place in Lincoln Park.

Still pursuing his acting career, Baker went to Los Angeles in 1999, and landed the role of 'that Sprint guy,' which turned out to be his big break. He was originally contracted to apper in 5 ads, and has appeared in 35 since 1999. In late 2001, People magazine named him 'Sexiest Pitchman.'

''Phone etiquette is one of my pet peeves,'' he told USA Weekend in an interview after his award. ''If I'm going to dinner, I don't even take it. I would never take the phone into the movies.'' And talking on his cellphone while on a date is out of the question. So who's his pick for Sexiest Woman alive? ''Juliette Binoche,'' he says without hesitation. ''She's my favorite.''

In addition to his work as 'the Sprint Guy,' he's worked on on several independent films, and the short-lived NBC series M.Y.O.B. He has also guest-starred on episodes of Providence, Drew Carey, and on Pamela Sue Anderson's VIP.

In addition to doing Sprint PCS's recent series of Olympics-themed, commercials, Baker has done on-stage work for them as well. On January 11, 2001, he was one of thirteen actors in Las Vegas on stage at the International Consumer Electronics Show, where he participated in 'an entertaining hour-long commercial for the future of wireless communication.' While William Esrey, the only CES keynote speaker who did not ask audience members to turn off their cellular telephones during his speech because ''when I hear cell phones ring, I hear cash registers,'' spelled out Sprint's third-generation wireless project, the thirteen actors, including Baker, demonstrated the features on stage.

Brian Baker is six feet one inches tall. He plays the guitar and is a former semi-pro football player.

Brian Baker married Terry Ferrell (Deep Space Nine, Becker) at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas in September 2002. They met at a gym and clicked immediately. After their marriage, they moved to Hershey, Pennsylvania to pursue other interests. Terry in particular wanted to start a family.

The Stage
They returned to acting by debuting on stage together in Love Letters at the Hershey Playhouse in February, 2009.

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