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Women in Aviation videos at You Tube


Various people and organizations have uploaded videos of women pilots at YouTube. We have gathered some of them together here.

All videos maintain their copyright. We simply use the "embed" function to feature them here.

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Military Pilots

  • WWII: The White Rose of Stalingrad
    The Soviet Union recruited women as combat pilots during WWII

  • Nicole Malachowski First Woman USAF Thunderbird Pilot

  • Maj. Nicole Malachowski Talks with Civil Air Patrol cadets

  • All-woman helicopter crew in Iraq - from pilot to ground crew. Poor audio.

  • First female military pilots in Pakistan

  • Afghanistan Women Pilots
    See the YouTube page for current details of their fate

  • 1980: Army MedEvac Rescues Civilian Hiker
    See its YouTube page for complete details of MAST program, history of this video

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