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"All those who see me, and all who believe in me, share in the freedom I feel when I fly."

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Pilot, Aeronaut and Astronaut Index

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Name Born/Died Links/Notes
Mlle Aboukaia ? - ? TBA
Maia Anderson TBA TBA
Adelaide Bassett TBA TBA
Amelie "Melli" Hedwig Beese 9/13/1886 - 12/22/1925 First German pilot
Susanne Bernard TBA TBA
Mme Beroul ? - ? TBA
Marie Blanchard TBA TBA
Lotte Brandon ? - ? TBA
Helene Caragiani ? - ? TBA
Jane Champlin TBA TBA
Susan Clarke TBA TBA
Bessie Coleman 1893 - 1926 First black woman aviator
Mme Copin ? - ? TBA
Carmen Damedoz ? - ? TBA
Marjorie Davis TBA TBA
Beatrice Deryk ? - ? last name De Ryk?
Mlle Dindineau ? - ? TBA
Mlle Dorival ? - ? TBA
Marie-Louise Martin Driancourt 12/?/1887 - 1914 Died of tuberculosis
Katherine Dussac TBA One of the 38 WASP who gave their lives for their country
Helene Dutrieu 7/10/1877 - 6/27/1961 TBA
Amelia Earhart July 24, 1897 ? missing July 2, 1937) TBA
Marjorie Edwards TBA TBA
Jane Erickson TBA TBA
Cornelia Fort TBA TBA
Mathilde Frank ? - ? Married a Mr. Edwardson
Francis Grimes TBA TBA
Mary Hartson TBA TBA
Jean Herveaux 12/10/1885 - ? TBA
Mary Howson TBA TBA
Amy Johnson TBA TBA
Viola Kavanaugh TBA TBA
Edith Keene TBA TBA
Raymonde da Laroche 8/22/1886 - 1919 TBA
Helene de Plagini ? - ? TBA
Mlle Gustave Goldscmidt ? - ? TBA
Kathryn Lawrence TBA TBA
Hazel Ying Lee TBA TBA
Paula Loop TBA TBA
Alice Lovejoy TBA TBA
Nancy Lynn TBA TBA
Florence Madera ? - ? TBA
Peggy Martin TBA TBA
Marie Marvingt 2/20/1875 - 1963 TBA
Lea McDonald TBA TBA
Virginia Moffat TBA TBA
Denise Moore ? - 1911 Pseudonym of Jane Wright
Beverly Mosesoore TBA TBA
Dorothy Nichols TBA TBA
Marthe Niel 12/29/1880 - ? TBA
Jean Norbeck TBA TBA
Margaret Oldenburg TBA TBA
Jean Pallier 1870 - 3/6/1939 Took up flying aged 42
Gaetane Picard ? - ? TBA
Harriet Quimby TBA TBA
Mabel Rawlinson TBA TBA
Martha Betenfeld Richer 4/15/1889 - 1982 Used the pseudonym Richard
Gleanna Roberts TBA TBA
Marie Robinson TBA TBA
Gladys Roy TBA TBA
Bettie Scott TBA TBA
Dorothy Scott TBA TBA
Margaret Seip TBA TBA
Helen Severson TBA TBA
Marie Sharon TBA TBA
Evelyn Sharp TBA TBA
Betty Stine TBA TBA
Marian Toevs TBA TBA
Gertrude Tompkins-Silver TBA TBA
Mary Trebing TBA TBA
Mary Webster TBA TBA
Bonnie Welz TBA TBA
Betty Wood TBA TBA

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