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  • 2000s

    August 6, 2004
    The National Science Foundation announced the creation of a new Human Occupied Vehicle (HOV) to replace the Alvin. It is designed to dive up to 6,500 meters as againt the Alvin's 4500.


    February 3, 2007

    Local Virginia News
  • As seas rise, will area fall?
    Some say rising sea levels have worsened the fallout of heavy storms in Hampton Roads and has a marked effect on local life

    Local sea level is found to be rising at double global rate A UN panel on climate change said Friday that human activities are causing climate change and that the planet can expect real changes this century.

    One of the points made in the report was the estimation that the average global sea level will rise from 7 to 23 inches by 2100. Other scientists call those numbers too consecutive.

    Observations at Sewell Point in Norfolk have shown that sea level here has been rising at double the global rate.

    Carl Hershner, director of the Center for Coastal Resources Management at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science
    John Boon, VMIS
    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change
    Arthur Collins, executive director of the Hampton Roads Planning District Commission
    US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement
    Newport News mayor Joe Frank

    Daily Press, Saturday, February 3, 2007. Article by Patrick Lynch. Section A1.

  • February 5, 2007

    Local Virginia News
  • Bills shift state oversight of oystering to fisheries.
    General Assembly legislation would amend Virginia Code to address the use of cages.

    Two General Assembly bills have been entered, which will direct the state's marine regulatory agency to impose new guidelines for aquaculture operations.

    The Virginia Marine Resource Commission is caught between competing interests over the proper placement and management of shellfish farming operations.

    The shellfish farming industry wants to place underwater cages along the shoreline to raise their oysters (protecting them from cow-nosed rays), while recreational boaters, waterfront homeowners and commercial watermen object to the scheme.

    Mobjack Bay Seafood Company
    Wilford Kale, a VMRC spokesman

    Daily Press, Monday, February 5, 2007. Article by Jon Cawley. Section B2.

  • February 7, 2007

    Local Virginia News
  • Submarine program besieged by overruns
    The Navy says it needs an additional $301 million over the next three years for the Virginia-class program

    President Bush submitted his budget to Congress this week. It estimated the Navy will need $301 million over the next three years to cover projected cost increases and overruns in the Virginia class submarine program.

    The next submarine scheduled for construction is the New Mexico. One unnamed after that is the SSN-780.

    There are currently four subs in the Virginia class. The USS Texas was a year late and 24% over the initial budget. Referenced:
    Northrop Grumman Newport News
    General Dynamics Electric Boat

    Daily Press, Wednesday, February 7, 2007. Article by Peter Dujardin. Section C8 (Money & Work).

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