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Web TV: Damon Dark - The Souls of Cygnus

Press releases from Adrian Sherlock:

Release date: January 10, 2008

Adrian Sherlock has filmed four Damon Dark adventures, and is currently working on the fifth, The Souls of Cygnus.

Inspired by Ed Bishop's UFO, among other shows, Sherlock has created Australia's answer to The X-Files.

The Souls of Cygnus webpage


Written and Directed by Adrian Sherlock.

This is the new Damon Dark adventure for 2008. Today, this new adventure went into production with a cast meeting and read-through of the script.

The Cast:

  • Adrian Sherlock as Damon Dark.
  • Robert Trott as Gary Sutton, Australian secret service.
  • Ray Jones as Mr.Chronos, representative from Trans Dimensional Control.

    The crew:
    Music: Joe Richards. Visual Effects: Toni Sherlock.

    The Plot:
    Damon Dark returns to Earth after ten years fighting in a Cosmic War against an evil force known as The Collective, disembodied intelligences from dead planet Cygnus 12, who seek new bodies to inhabit. Meanwhile his old friend Gary Sutton has an unexpected visitor from beyond, Mr. Chronos, who drops in via a space-time portal. Moments later the TV News announces that a huge green sphere resembling an eye is approaching Earth from deep space! The Collective have come to absorb the human race.

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