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Web TV: The House Between II

Press releases from John Muir:

Begins January 25, 2008
Release date: January 9, 2008

Creator John Kenneth Muir (Horror Films of the 1970s; Horror Films of the 1980s), producer Joseph Maddrey (A Haunting, Survive This!) and cast and crew available for phone and e-mail interviews. Contact: to make arrangements. Website:

“…In the tradition of the original Twilight Zone and early Doctor Who…a series that succeeds on the strength of the writing and the characters...”
- Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction

It is our pleasure to announce the return of the independently produced (low budget) web sci-fi series The House Between.

A second season consisting of eight original half-hour episodes begins on January 25, 2008.


The House Between is the creepy and involving story of five diverse strangers trapped in a mysterious, empty house with no exit and no escape. Each room in "the house at the end of the universe" hides a new secret and reflects the (sometimes disturbed...) mind-state of the denizens. Lurking outside the house, in the void, is danger in the form of mysterious creatures called Outdwellers.

The first season of The House Between included seven half-hour stories and aired in February and March of 2007 to critical acclaim and over 30,000 Internet viewers on Veoh, The House Between home page (www.thehousebetween), and creator John Kenneth Muir’s popular blog (

The House Between is currently one of the few science fiction web-series with an original premise, and not based on big, established franchises like Stargate SG-1 or Star Trek.

The series re-launches with a re-vamped web site featuring cast and crew spotlights and a two-minute season two trailer.

Also on the home page: links to a series discussion board and a new House Between merchandise store.


  • John Kenneth Muir goes on Destinies: The Voice of Science Fiction on Friday, January 18th to discuss the second season.
  • John Kenneth Muir interviewed by popular and acclaimed web-site SyFy Portal to discuss the series on Wednesday, January 9, 2008.

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