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Soundtracks: The Blob

Press releases from Monstrous Movie Music:

Release date: January 2008

Monstrous Movie Music
P. O. Box 4445
Chatsworth, CA 91313
U. S. A.
(818) 886-8863 or (800) 788-0892
FAX: (818) 886-8820

THE BLOB (and other creepy sounds) [MMM-1955]

The first CD [of two releases this month, the second being THE INTRUDER] contains the classic Ralph Carmichael score from the 1958 cult Steve McQueen film THE BLOB [MMM-1955].

This release features the original music tracks in gorgeous monophonic sound, and in addition to the well-known Burt Bacharach/Mack David novelty title tune, the CD also has music not heard in the picture, including Carmichael's superb original orchestral "Main Title" that was dropped in favor of the song.

Filling out the CD are about two dozen horror/sci-fi/mystery cues from the Valentino Production Music library, including music heard in films like TERROR FROM THE YEAR 5000, THE GREEN SLIME, and THE BRAIN THAT WOULDN'T DIE! Music is by renowned composers like Angelo Francesco Lavagnino, Mario Nascimbene, Roger Roger, and others. A 14-page illustrated booklet contains all sorts of information about the music. You can get more details and can order direct from Monstrous Movie Music at:

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