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Chronology of ships lost, and ships found.

Any and all books that reference a certain site, however briefly, are listed by code in the Bibliography column. See the Bibliography page for titles, authors, etc.
Note books with the suffix "C" are children's books.

Ship Lost Found Bibliography Notes
wrecks in Lake Nemi ? 1440s/ 1932 Ba-1:C

Two Roman ships sunk in Lake Nemi, unable to be salvaged in the 1440s. Lake drained in 1932, ships salvaged, burned during WWII.
the Antikytherea Wreck 70-80 BC October 1900 Ba-1:C, Pi-1, Sm-3:C

Discovered off north coast of Antikythera, Greece by fishermen
the Serce Limani Wreck AD 1000 1973 Pi-1, SM-3:C

American archaeologist George Bass discovered in the bay of Serce Limani, southern Turkish coast.
Sutton Hoo AD 625 1938 Pi-1

Viking burial ship, part of an Anglo-saxon burial ritual.
Oseberg Burial Ship about AD 800 1904 Pi-1 Found in the Oslo Fjord in Norway
the Sinan wreck about 1323 1975 Pi-1

Discovered by fisherman off the southwest coast of the Republic of Korea
the Vung Tau wreck about 1722 mid-1980s Pi-1

Discovered by a fisherman off Han Bay, Canh, Vietnam
the wreck of Ulbo Island December, 1417 ? Pi-1

A galley, wrecked off Ulbo, an island near the Dalmatian coast.
the Tobie October 19, 1593 ? Pi-1

Wrecked about 12 miles to the south of Cape Spartel, Morocco
the Flor de la Mar 1511 1991 Pi-1

Wrecked on the eastern coast of Sumatra, in about 120 feet of water, near the Tebgah Reef, north of Tanjong Jambuair or Diamond Point.
the Sao Paulo January 21, 1561 ? Pi-1

Wrecked off the west coast of Sumatra.
the Madre de Deus July 9, 1609 Location always known Pi-1

Sunk off the Fakunda Harbor, Nagasaki
the Dourado January 25, 1830 ? Pi-1

Wrecked on the rocks of Pedra Branca, then drifted south and south-southeast to end up on the coast of Bintan.
the Tobermory galleon (San Juan de Sicilia) September 1588 Location always known Pi-1

A Spanish galleon, part of the Spanish Armada, sunk in Tobermory Bay, Scotland.
the Girona Autumn, 1588 1967 Pi-1

Spanish galleass wrecked off the coast of Ireland.
the Tortugas wreck 1622? 1960s Pi-1

The wreck is unidentified, but thought to be a ship from the Spanish fleet of 1622. The ship is being salvaged by Seahawk Deep Ocean Technology, Inc.
the Nuestra Senora de la Concepcion September 20, 1638 1987 Pi-1

Ran aground on a reef off the southwest corner of Saipan, in the Northern Mariana Islands.
the Vigo Bay wrecks October 22, 1702 Location always known Pi-1

Wreckage of Spanish, French, English and Netherlands ships lost during the Battle of Vigo Bay (War of the Spanish Succession.)
the Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe August 24, 1724 1976 Pi-1

Grounded on a sandbank. Salvaged by the North American company, Caribe Salvage SA.
the Conde de Tolosa August 24, 1724 1977 Pi-1

Wrecked in Samana Bay. Salvaged by the North American company, Caribe Salvage SA.
the Las Cinque Chagas 1594 ? Pi-1

Burned off the Azores by privateer George Cumberland.
the Reinera e Soderina 1609 ? Pi-1

Sunk 100 miles off the Greek island of Kithira (Cerigo).
the Whydah April 26, 1717 1985 Bu-1, Cl-1, Cl-2, Pi-1

Sunk off the outer bar of Cape Cod. Found by Barry Clifford and his crew in 1985.
the Batavia June 4, 1629 ? Pi-1

Wrecked on Morning Reef, part of East Wallabi Island, one of the Houtman Abrolhos group of islands about 40 miles off the coast of Western Australia.
the Geldermalsen January 3, 1752 1985 Pi-1

Wrecked on Admiral Stellingwerf Reef. In 1985 Englishman Michael Hatcher and his Swiss partner Max de Rahm located and salvaged the wreck. The salvaged cargo sold in 1986 for about $15 million.
the Hartwell 1787 Location always known. Pi-1

Sunk on a reef northeast of the island of Boa Vista in the Cape Verde Islands west of Africa. The wreck was salvaged by William and John Braithwaite.
the Bonhomme Richard September 25, 1779 1976 Pi-1

Sunk roughly thre miles southeast of Flamborough Head, England.
In 1975, the Atlantic Charter Maritime Archaeological Foundation was formed to locate the Bonhomme Richard. In September 1976, the Richard was believed found, but no excavation was undertaken.
the Orient 2 3 Pi-1

the Vrouw Maria 2 3 Pi-1

the Mentor 2 3 Pi-1

the Fame 2 3 Pi-1

the Central America 2 3 Pi-1

the General Grant 2 3 Pi-1

the Royal Charter 2 3 Pi-1

the Prins Frederik 2 3 Pi-1

the Titanic April 15, 1912 3 Ba-1, Pi-1

the Egypt 2 3 Pi-1

the Andrea Doria 2 3 Pi-1

the HMS Edinburgh 2 3 Pi-1

the City of Cairo 2 3 Pi-1

the I-52 2 3 Pi-1

the John Barry 2 3 Pi-1

the Sao Paulo 2 3 Pi-1