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The Conrad Veidt Society is dedicated to celebrating the life and career of Conrad Veidt; and ensuring that his admirers around the world have a source of complete information on this remarkable man. (Scenes From A Life)

The Conrad Veidt Society is dedicated to continuing Conrad Veidt's legacy as a humanitarian. In his early career he starred in movies advocating gay and women rights. In later life he was a staunch opponent of the mindless hatred of Nazism. Mindless hatred still exists today in many forms, and we must speak out against it. (Fight With Veidt)

The Conrad Veidt Society is dedicated to promoting the study and enjoyment of 'classic' films. By placing Conrad Veidt in the context of his times - Germany during the fame of the Expressionist film, England after the rise of Hitler, and America gearing up to fight WWII, his unique qualities as actor and man are made even more apparent. (Of Sights and Sounds)

The Conrad Veidt Society was founded in 1990 by Jim Rathlesberger, in preparation for the Conrad Veidt Centennial (the fiftieth anniversary of his death, the hundred anniversary of his birth) in 1993. We now have over a hundred and fifty members and are still growing.

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Scenes From A Life Fight With Veidt Of Sights and Sounds - Expressionistic Film

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