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"All those who see me, and all who believe in me, share in the freedom I feel when I fly."

Aviation-Themed Gifts for Girls and Women

Who knows if the gift of a pilot-centric shirt or teddy bear will influence a girl, ten years later, to take flying lessons... or indeed, go after a career in aviation - or even some other adventurous career like explorer, inventor, scuba diver, but it could certainly help!

To that end, on this page I give links to the various commercial sites which target the woman pilot.

The items below are listed in alphabetical order. I am not affiliated with any of the sites below. (If you produce aviation-themed gifts, let me know your URL and I'll include you also.)

Books, Clothing, Gear, Jewelry

Powder Puff Pilot. This site offers everything, from Calendars to Clothing, Gear - such as pink headsets and logbooks, to jewelry. If you like pink, you'll like the items on offer here.

Jewelry: Watches - for adults

Abingdon Watches. Two models: the Jackie ($400) and the Amelia ($250).


Women Fly is a company that specializes in T-shirts featuring the faces of women pilots, from Gladys Roy to Bessie Coleman to Amelia Earhart to Betty Skelton to Patty Wagstaff. They're unisex - men and women ca wear them. Many shirts come in kid sizes. They also have a selection of books, CDs and gifts.


Museum of Flight store
This page just shows their jewelry collection.

Museum Shops

  • International Women's Air and Space Museum
    There's a variety of items on offer at their online store, from packs of playing cards featuring photos of 52 women pilots, to gifts and toys, to jewelry such as a Fifinella pin (the mascot of the WASP), to books (including used books).
  • Aviation Museum Store (affiliated with the Hiller Museum of Aviation)
    The place to go for jewelry - plane earrings, lamps with an aircraft motif, models and mobiles, flight suits and astronaut suits in kid sizes, and so on. Fun fun.

  • WASP Store
    The Texas Woman's University has the largest collection of women in aviation material in the world, and is the official repository for the WASP.

    You can order photos and such-like material, or scroll all the way down the page to see their offerings of books - collected letters from the WASP, and so on. It's not set up to order electronically - you call or email them telling them what you want, they tell you the cost.

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