You Fly, Girl

"All those who see me, and all who believe in me, share in the freedom I feel when I fly."

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Bibliography - Alphabetical by Author

Code Title Author Publisher ©
Misc Misc Misc Misc Misc
MISC-1 Private Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge FAA FAA Flight Standards Service 1965
As As As As As
Al-1 Captain Gramma: Single Mom to Sky High Nancy Welz Aldrich Brundage Publishing 2006
Au-1 I Live to Fly Jaqueline Auriol, translated from the French by Pamela Swinglehurst Dutton 1968
Bs Bs Bs Bs Bs
Ba-1 Sharpie: The Life Story of Evelyn Sharp, Nebraska's Aviatrix Diane Ruth Armour Bartels Great American Publishing 1996
Be-1 Just For the Love of Flying Betty Rowell Beatty Wind Canyon Publishing 1997
Br-1 Soaring Above Setbacks: The Autobiography of Janet Harmon Bragg, African-American Aviator Janet Harmon Bragg as told to Marjorie Kriz Smithsonian History of Aviation Series 1996
Br-2 Powder Puff Derby -- The Record 1947-1977 Kay Brick, editor AWTAR, Inc 1985
Bu-1 East to the Dawn: The Life of Amelia Earhart Susan Butler Addison-Wesley 1997
Cs Cs Cs Cs Cs
Ch-1 Shuffleboard Pilots: The History of the Women's AIr Raid Defense in Hawai: 1941-1945 Candace A Chenowith and A. Kam Napier Arizona Memorial Museum Association 1991
Co-1 Jerrie Cobb: Solo Pilot. True Flying Adventures of One of the World's Top Pilots Jerrie Cobb, edited by Dena Hall and Ruth Lummis Jerrie Cobb Foundation 1997
Fs Fs Fs Fs Fs
Fi-1 Patterns: Tales of Flying and of Life Bette Bach Fineman Bette Bach Fineman 2007
Fr-1 Mr. Piper and His Cubs Devon Francis Iowa State University Press 1977
Fr-2 Alaska's Women Pilots: Contemporary Portraits Jenifer Fratzke Utah State University Press 2004
Gs Gs Gs Gs Gs
Ge-1 Contributions of Women: Aviation Ann Genett Dillon Press 1975
Go-1 Zero 3 Bravo: Solo Across America in a Small Plane Mariana Gosnell Touchstone Book/ Simon & Schuster 1993
Hs Hs Hs Hs Hs
Ha-1 Amelia Earhart's Daughters: The Wild and Glorious Story of American Women Aviatiors from World War II to the Dawn of the Space Age Leslie Haynsworth and David Toomey Perennial 1998
Ho-1 American Women of Flight: PIlots and Pioneers Henry M. Holden Enslow Publishers: Collective Biographies 2003
Ho-2 Her Mentor Was An Albatross: The [Auto]biography of Pioneer Pilot Harriet Quimby Henry M. Holden Blackhawk Publishing 1993
Ho-3 Ladybirds: The U ntold Story of Women Pilots in America Henry M. Holden with Captain Lori Griffith Blackhawk Publishing 1991
Js Js Js Js Js
Je-1 The Powder PUff Derby of 1929: The True Story of the First Women's Cross-Country Air Race Gene Nora Jessen Sourcebook Inc 2002
Jo-1 A Field Guide to Flight: On the Aviation Trail in Dayton, Ohio. Revised Edition Mary Ann Johnson Aviation Trail, Inc. 1996
Ls Ls Ls Ls Ls
La-1 Flying Higher:The Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII Wanda Langley Linnet Books 2002
Le-1 Before Amelia: Women Pilots in the Early Days of Aviation Eileen F. Lebow Brassey's, Inc. 2002
Ms Ms Ms Ms Ms
Ma-1 Race With the Wind: How Air Racing Advanced Aviation Birch Matthews MBI Publishing Coimpany 2001
My-1 Night Witches: The Untold Story of Soviet Women in Combat Bruce Myles Academy Chicago Publishers 1981
Ns Ns Ns Ns Ns
No-1 For God, Country, and the Thrill of It: Women Airforce Pilots in World War II Anne Noggle Texas A&M University Press
Charles and Elizabeth Prothro Texas Photography Series
No-2 A Dance With Death - Soviet Airwomen in World War II Anne Noggle Texas A&M University Press 1994
Ps Ps Ps Ps Ps
Pl-1 Bessie Coleman: First Black Woman Pilot Connie Plantz Enslow Publishers, Inc.
African-American Biographies
Po-1 Shuttle: The World's First Spaceship Robert M. Powers Stackpole Books 1979
Rs Rs Rs Rs Rs
Ri-1 Jackie Cochran: Pilot in the Fastest Lane Doris L. Rich University Press of Florida 2007
Ri-2 Queen Bess: Daredevil Aviator Doris L. Rich Smithsonian Institution Press 1993
Ru-1 Women in Aviation: Portraits of Contemporary Women Pilots Carolyn Russo Smithsonian Institution Press 1997
Ss Ss Ss Ss Ss
Si-1 Daughter of the Air: The Brief Soaring Life of Cornelia Fort Rob Simbeck Atlantic Monthly Press 1999
St-1 Tethered Mercury: A Pilot's Memoir: The Right Stuff but the Wrong Sex Bernice Trimble Steadman with Jody M. Clark Aviation Press 2001
St-2 Flying For Her Country: The American and Soviet Women Miltary Pilots of WWII Amy Goodpaster Strebe Potomac Books, Inc 2009
Ts Ts Ts Ts Ts
Ti-1 Takeoff: The Story of America's FIrst Woman Pilot for a Major AIrline Bonnie Tiburzi Crown Publishers 1984
Vs Vs Vs Vs Vs
Va-1 Wings Around the World: The Exhiliariating Story of one woman's epic flight from the North Pole to the Antarctic Polly Vacher Grubstreet 2006
Va-2 Best of the National Air and Space Museum F. Robert Van Der Linden, editor Smithsonian 2006
Vi-1 Blue Ribbon of the Air Henry Serrano Villard Smithsonian Institution Press 1987
Ws Ws Ws Ws Ws
Wa-1 Spreading My Wings: One of Britain's top women pilots tells her remarkable story from pre-war flying to breaking the sound barrier Diana Barnato Walker Grubstreet 2006
Wh-1 Spitfire Women of World War II Giles Whittel Harper Perennial 2007
Wh-2 Rising Above It: An Autobiography Edna Gardner Whyte with Ann L. Cooper Orion Books 1991

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