Maritime Research
The document researchers
"You need, we read."

Don't lose valuable time in conducting research, when you can get MARITIME RESEARCH to do in-depth research for you.

Our expertise is in document research. From newspapers to journals to books to the web
...we track it all down for you.

We're a division of RANSACK Research, based in Yorktown, VA. We have easy access to all the maritime libraries on the Eastern seaboard, and in particular the Mariners' Museum Library, the largest international maritime library in the Western hemisphere.

The Mariners' Museum Libary collection consists of over 1,750,000 items including books, magazines, rare books, manuscripts, maps and charts, vessel plans, newspaper articles, photogrpahs, Chris-Craft archives and the archives of the museum itself.
Research fees

You'll find our fees our more than comparable with those offered by the musuem.

We charge a non-refundable research fee of $30 for the first hour. Each additional hour is $15.00.

We do not charge for travel- or wait-time for research.

To request more information, please email Barbara Peterson.