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Pat Summitt Quotes

This page updated November 21, 2006. Quotes will be added on a regular basis.

The following quotes come from Raise the Roof, by Pat Summitt with Sally Jenkins, 1998

  • "I'm a coach, so I take the issue of control personally."

  • "We do not win championships with girls. We win with competitors."

  • "If I was renowned as as tough coach, I also wanted to be a caring one."

  • "Sit up straight, listen and participate."

  • "I don't give out compliments easily."

    "Losing strengthens you. It reveals your weaknesses so you can fix them."

  • The 12 Lady Vols Principles

    1. Respect yoursef and others
    2. Take full responsibility
    3. Develop and demonstrate loyalty
    4. Learn to be a great communicator
    5. Discipline yourself so no one else has to
    6. Make hard work your passion
    7. Don't just work hard, work smart
    8. Put the team before yourself
    9. Make winning an attitude
    10. Be a competitor
    11. Change is a must
    12. Handle success like you handle failure

  • "Back then, there was no reward or reason for playing ball other than love of the game. There were no athletic scholarships for women, no money for decent uniforms, or hotels. On the road, we slept on mats in the gym of whatever campus we visited. But the thing about it was, I needed the game more than it needed me. I needed it to prove my worth in a family of brothers, who had never once cleared their own plates from a table or poured their own ice tea."