Gardening for Kids and Grownups

Gardening is an educational activity that allows you to create a natural thing of beauty!

People of all ages can participate in gardening. Gardening can be an activity that parents and their children alike participate in. Children have curious minds, and often enjoy watching the process of plants growing.

Many families track their children's growth with small marks on their bedroom wall, which children want to check frequently for change. The same can be done with plant in the garden! Children can begin the process and track their plants growth! Parents can turn their child's interest in the growth process into a hobby by helping them start their own garden.

If you are going to begin gardening with your child, you will first need to find an area around your home that is suitable for plant growth. Ensure that there is ample space for roots to spread as they grow. Be sure to explain the importance of space to your child, as well as the importance of healthy, moist soil and plenty of sunlight. You will be providing your child with a scientific background for their newfound hobby!

Next, it is time to decide on what is going to be planted. Planting fruits and vegetables works especially well with children, because at the end of the growth cycle, your child can enjoy what they worked so hard to grow. Conduct some research with your child about the specific seeds you are planting in order to determine how much sunlight and water the plant will require. In this way, your child will learn responsibility throughout the gardening process, because maintaining a garden requires daily watering and soil maintenance.

Whether you plant an array of gorgeous flowers in vibrant colors along your home's walkway or a vegetable garden in your backyard to harvest from throughout the year, gardening is an activity that is fun for the entire family. Not only is gardening a method of teaching your child, but it is also an activity that can bring the family together. Use the following resources to guide you on your journey to creating a beautiful garden!